Decisions for Better Medicine

Knowledge Synthesis accelerates and improves medical discovery by revealing the significance of large-scale experimental data across broad biological contexts.

Customized Data Analysis, Discovery Research, and Technology. Underexploited data means missed opportunities. Knowledge Synthesis will increase your return on investment by reducing data to findings that inform your actions. We integrate all types of life sciences data. We build databases, search interfaces, and data analysis tools and pipelines. We also use the technology we build and can work with your research team to get the results you need to make decisions for better medicine.

Big Data for every life sciences investigator. iDataMed meets the challenge to tame Big Data for life sciences researchers. The key is to bring data into the right context to forge new biomedical knowledge. Straightforward text searches bring the right biomolecular findings to the right person at the right time.

Breadth and depth for every study. Our proprietary life sciences data integration platform ensures that each data set is viewed through many facets of biological knowledge, including multiple sources of pathways and networks that link genes, proteins, and chemicals. Add to that breadth our ability to normalize statistically significant findings across multiple studies, and your understanding of cells, model systems, and clinical samples gains depth. Read more about Knowledge Synthesis technology and the research publications it has enabled.